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Clients/patients work using the internet or phone

Even though many in SCAP are not Psycotherapist on a European level, (and even though we are not in Europe !) I thought this message from the EAP General Secretary regarding clients sessions may be of interest. When the final document (mentioned below)  becomes available I will post it for those who may be interested.


'Dear friends, dear colleagues,

We all are living in very unusual times - even during the war there was no restrictions of social gatherings of such drastic extent. We are one of the most negatively affected professions in this advent of isolation.

However, we know probably better than anybody, how the contact and relationship is essential in the times of crisis and uncertainty. Finally, all our attempts are addressed to make people feel better with others.

Now we are in very special situation. Direct personal contact in most European countries is discouraged, or even banned. Even without these official measures we understand, that this is a way to protect many lives.

So the only way still to help our clients/patients is a work using internet or phone. We understand, that in recent years this type of work has grown in popularity, but still remained a minority in our practice. Now it must become an obligatory way of work, an quite intense.

So the European Association for Psychotherapy (EAP) is proposing a draft document on this kind of therapy, prepared mainly by our former EAP president Adrian Rhodes, and a collection of regulatory documents on this matter from different European countries. We hope it will help you to feel a little bit more competent working in this approach.

Keep healthy, keep calm, keep together!....'

Eugenijus Laurinaitis,
Secretary General of EAP

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