CPD back in Brighton - Success !

P1100869On Saturday 24th July at the Holiday Inn, Brighton, SCAP held its first in-person CPD event since early in 2020. 

7 participants were treated to Dr Dwight Turner's presentation on Exploring the Intersections of Privilege and Otherness.  We looked at how a sense of identity is formed by infants as they notice and learn to manage their reactions to difference as they move through the various developmental stages. We reflected on the many and various ways in which we might be privileged (not just by the colour of our skins but by our sexual orientation, religion, education, gender, age, physical abilities, etc.) and considered our own personal experiences in these respects.

Covid procedures at the hotel created a sense of safety for me, with our chairs placed well apart and sanitiser widely available; we had the option to wear masks if we felt it necessary (eg. when we engaged in an exercise involving moving across the room) and participants kept a distance when chatting at the end of the morning.   The air conditioning drew the air through the room very effectively (in fact I grew a little chilly later during the morning!) and I for one felt comfortable to meet with others in this way.  I look forward to the remaining programme of SCAP CPD events and meeting with members in person!