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27/10/2018 9:45 am -1:00 pm
Holiday Inn Brighton
Holiday Inn Brighton
137 King's Rd, Brighton BN1 2JF, UK

with addiction dependencies and the 4th drive.

Davyd McNamara launched Just Say Know in 2002 and has since provided Drug & Alcohol Awareness training workshops, courses and consultation to a wide variety of service providers across East Sussex (including Action4Change, Addiction, Equinox, CRI, BHT, YMCA, cgl, Cranstoun, Brighton & Hove Adult Social Care, Grace Ayres & Sussex Counselling Services). Informed by an appreciation of the role and importance of altered states of consciousness in all human societies throughout history, the training seeks to offer a meaningful framework with which to actually understand drugs and drug taking behaviours rather than simply stigmatising and/or condemning them.

In seeking to step outside the current mad and bad, weak and wicked, any-use-as-abuse orthodoxy of prohibition (with its roots in cultural imperialism, historical revisionism, religious intolerance, racism, sexism and class bias, not in health, safety or science), the harm minimisation orientated training challenges a number of commonly held assumptions about addiction, and explores a range of approaches and perspectives that the evidence confirms as a more practically useful way of communicating to, understanding and working with people who use alcohol and drugs, as well as offering a range of experiential exercises for trainees to participate in.

With a background in art-based workshop provision, facilitating training groups and teaching, Davyd also has over sixteen years experience of working holistically with drug & alcohol users in a wide range of settings, including as lead facilitator on an out-patient alcohol detox/treatment programme from 2006-16. For the last two years, he has been delivering high-quality drug and alcohol awareness and harm minimisation training exclusively for Just Say Know.

Davyd has designed and written a drug information comic (1993) for young people, contributed to drug and alcohol harm minimisation manuals (2007), a resource pack for hostel workers (2009) and designed and developed a range of therapeutic tools for drug & alcohol treatment services in Brighton & Hove and East Sussex (2010-15). Davyd is an accredited trainer and has a Diploma in Substance Misuse Intervention Strategies (Dip SMIS).


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